Lab-Buggy Warranty

Lab-Buggy is built to withstand Daily use and to withstand your Varied Patient Assignments.

We Pack the Buggy with Care and Attention to Detail. We want Your Buggy to arrive in Five-Star Condition, Ready to be Stocked and Put to Work.

After Your Lab-Buggy arrives, Please inspect it to determine that it Arrived Intact. Please Make Certain that it did not Arrive with any Dents to the Aluminum Frame.

1. If You find anything Broken or any Dents on the Aluminum Frame, Please Contact us immediately so we can arrange with Fed-Ex for Return and/or Replacement.
2. Any Dents that are incurred to the Buggy’s Aluminum Frame after it Arrives and You have decided to put it to Work—Do Not Warrant Replacement. (2 Day Inspection Period Applicable after Date of Shipping Arrival.)
3. Lab-Buggy LLC Provides a Warranty for 1 Full Year for Parts, Labor and ½ Cost of Shipping.
4. Our Intention at Lab-Buggy LLC is to Provide a Patent-Approved Medical Device that will help your work with Patients be – Safer, Faster, Easier and More Fun to Accomplish. A Device that is Built with Love, Passion and Attention to Detail.

Steve Madrid
Lab-Buggy LLC

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