I have been on this Planet, this Plane, this Place we call Earth for almost 63 years now.  My Birthday is coming up soon.  I have a memory tied to my age that I shared with one of my patients this morning. She shared with me about how she has weathered some challenging changes in her health for the past few months.  I asked her if she knew what her middle name should be?  She looked at me a little puzzled.  I went on to tell her that her middle name should be “Timex”.  She looked at me with puzzled eyes that conveyed the Pain she suffered every day–behind them.  I went on to tell her that she should be called Timex Because “She Can take a licking and keep on Ticking”.  The Pain behind her eyes turned into Mirth and we connected with a good laugh.  For those of you too young to know what I am talking about–Here’s the Scoop,  When I was a very young Man, I remember watching Timex TV Commercials with an announcer named John Cameron Swayze. John Swayze was a game show Host and Announcer.  In these Timex Commercials he would come onto the screen explaining that he was going to show you just how Resilient Timex Watches really were. 

Then he would show some way that Timex Watches could be put to the test by making them endure something they didn’t do every day.  If You check out Youtube you can find one of their black and white commercials there where He explains as he is loading a dishwasher with a Timex Watch.  When it comes out of the washer, the camera zeroes in on the watch and then he puts a sound detecting device next to the watch and proves the Watch is still “Ticking”.  Then You hear him say Timex Watches “Can Take a Licking and Keep on Ticking”.  My Patient this morning was a little bit older than me.  She knew which commercials I was talking about.  Her eyes registered exactly what I was talking about when we laughed together.  Her middle name is now Timex. At least between she and I.  I am wearing my favorite Timex Watch as I type this. 

     What kind of watch are you wearing?  What kind of Resiliency have You attained in your tenure as a Phlebotomist?  If you are truly a WORKING Phlebotomist, someone who knows what it is like to be part of a large team of Phleebs who comes in at 0400 in the morning to help push the heavy workload through, You Might Be.  If You work in a Giant Medical Center, working the floors every day from Patient to Patient,  or are part of a Team that goes from challenging Facility to Facility in your vehicle collecting blood samples, You Might Be. Do You know what it is like to come into a patient’s room and spend 30 minutes just trying to find a suitable place to ATTEMPT to accomplish your stick?, While you know your workload is still there waiting to be finished? You Might Be. If You are a Phleeb on a team of Phlebotomists and then show up for work at 0400 to find that 3 of your fellow employees have called in sick?  You might be. These kinds of experiences create Resiliency in You.  To be a truly Working Phlebotomist on a large team that has large workloads and a myriad of different patients to accomplish those sticks on– Creates Resiliency. I have seen this Resiliency develop with New Phlebotomists I taught and Trained.  It’s something–That Unless You have been there and know what I am talking about–You just can’t really understand.  Not trying to take away from your experience if You work in a Clinic Monday through Friday, 8-5, weekends and Holidays off– Like I do now—But My Respect and Kudos goes out to those of You who work in places where Resiliency is needed —Every day.

The Clinic I work in now is something I thank the Creator for –Every Day.   My work now —Relative to what I experienced in the earlier days of my Tenure– is so very, very nice.  The Docs and the Employees I work with, are absolutely Primo!!  I am fortunate to be where I am now.  I Thank My Lucky Stars that I weathered the Gamut of Phlebotomy I did–in my Earlier Years.  The Experiences helped me become who I am Today.  Are You one of those Phlebotomists out there weathering the daily challenges I described above?  I hope you know that the Resiliency that is seeping into your bones, will help you in the future.  

     When the work becomes daunting and makes You question Why You Do what You Do– Please Try to “Lean, Lock and Roll Into it.”  

Here’s hoping Your work today is Fun, Empathetic to your Patients, Easier to Accomplish and Something helping You get closer to Your Goals…  Steven