Our family lives with a little, brown, short–legged Creature named Heidi.  She is getting older now, but she’s still pretty spry.  She’s a Miniature Dachshund.  She is one of the brightest rays of Sunshine in our Family.  Her Spirit inspires all of us.   She weighs about 10 lbs, but she thinks she’s closer to 200 lbs. when other dogs come around in the park.  She is kind and considerate to everyone. Everyone Human that is.  She has never scrapped with another Dog, but she has come close –She lets them know–she will if she has to.   I just wanted to share a little about her story with all of You…  I hope you enjoy my poem about Heidi… Steve

          Ode to Little Miss Heidi          

(On our Walk through the Park)

          By Esteven

Fleet of Foot—Eyes filled with Deep Shine

She looks back upon Me— riding along with her this time

I am here trying my best to keep up I assure her

She pulls me along— going faster and further


Her tongue spills to the side and her cadence is driven

I Must Explore—She Declares—as her Freedom is given

She tugs at restraint with insistent forbearance

You’re only along for the ride—insistent She tells me— One of her Parents


Curious, Brave and filled with Exuberant Vitality

Her Spirit inspires me — with its’ Totality

To see the Horizon— Quiet—Tranquil Her Gaze

Is that not the goal of us all, as we play out our days?


She stops now and then to partake of the odors

Of her like kind where they press at the borders

Her Deep Link to what she was Born to, comes as she Pledges

Her Deep, Blood Felt Interest— as She Sniffs all the edges


She Smiles on Visitors, encountered when passed

Her Head bobs up quickly as She looks up and asks

Her Ear to Ear grin tries to Convey

Are you Happy as Me?— How is your Day?


What would I be like if I had been born in her form, born in her fashion?

Would my reason for living be parallel to hers?  Would I have her same Passion?

Would I be Swift or would I be Lazy?

Would I be Gentle or would I be Crazy?


My mind wanders to all the varied and interesting possibility

Would I be Husky, Bristled and looking to Fight?

Or would I be Sneaky and Quiet— as I Prowled through the Night?

Or Light on my Feet and High Jumping?—I think I Just Might


Her Exuberance for Life is Real, Honest and Peaceful in kind

To have her lasting tranquility is what enters my mind

Did the Creator intend for heaven to be theirs?

Maybe those of us traveling on two feet are really—Their…True… Heirs?


Maybe heaven is hers and she has been gifted

With long, deep, sleepy sleeps, sneaky snacks and cool, cool water

A long, fast, speedy walk now and then

And me…lucky to be along…someone…she considers a friend